Timber Operations Forester (Forester)

Full Time

  Sonoco Products Company

  Hartsville, South Carolina, United States

Under direction of the Forest Products Division Manager, this position is responsible for all timber growth and production for our Hartsville corrugated paper machine as well as all trade sale markets from all area company owned or controlled timberlands. Also, responsible for budgeted sales and profits from the fee simple and long-term accounting departments under his control. Included is responsibility for all cultural, harvesting, regeneration, environmental and land improvement operations in the operating area. There are two operational areas at present.

Primary Responsibilities: 

·        Responsible for the production of budgeted volumes of hardwood and pine pulpwood and hardwood and pine sawtimber required to operate our manufacturing units and for sale to outside trade markets at budgeted costs, sales and profits.

·        Responsible for the management and operations on 35,000-40,000 acres of company owned or controlled timberland to grow and produce, at maximum sustainable levels, the budgeted volumes of timber products.

·        Responsible for current and accurate administrative records dealing with inventory of lands, growth capacity and timber stands.

·        Responsible for the overall supervision of timber harvesting operations on company owned and controlled lands to include:

·        Supervision of and responsibility for the harvesting of company owned and controlled timber by our independent logging contract crews and compliance with standards set and/or terms of contracts in force.

·        Establishment of cutting and hauling prices fair to both Sonoco and the logging contractor on each specific harvesting area. Insure that written cutting and hauling contracts covering prices, deliveries and all terms in timber cutting agreement and contracts are in force. Weekly review of TDR and communication with administrative supervisor to insure proper and correct pricing.

·        Set utilization standards regarding grade, size and length of logs and species separation for each tract.

·        Develop and designate trade sale markets in consultation with FPD Forest Resource Manager for pine sawtimber, pine veneer, hardwood pulpwood/chips and hardwood trade sale logs that will maximize profits and log requirements. Conduct timber stumpage sales as needed or directed.

·        Establish and enforce logging safety standards in compliance with current Sonoco and OSHA regulations. Conduct periodic safety inspections of logging jobs and have safety meetings.

·        Monitor and enforce BMPs (best management practices--environmental) for all forest operations as prescribed by South Carolina Best Management Practices for Forestry manual issued by the South Carolina Forestry Commission

·        Monitor and ensure that SFI standards are implemented. Prepare annual report of forestry activities on Fee lands for AF&PA—SFI Program Participant.

·        Development and implementation of a timber supply plan on company land to ensure adequate stumpage reserves available during critical supply periods (Dec. thru April).

·        Responsible for the scheduling and implementation of all silvicultural practices on company timberland to include:

·        Control burning of pine stands to reduce fire hazard and competition.

·        Protection of timberland from wildfire, disease, insects, water impoundment caused by beavers and illegal entry. Manage beaver control program.

·        Artificial and natural regeneration of timber stands to include contracting site preparation and reforestation, if necessary. Oversee chemical applications for site prep and weed control.

·        Thinning overstocked stands to ensure maximum growth on highest value trees. Managing outside loggers performing thinning operations.

·        Responsible for the game management program on our fee simple acreage to include contracting hunting leases, negotiating and collecting fees, erecting gates for protection against illegal entry and generally encouraging good game management and respect for game laws.

·        Responsible for the planning, layout, scheduling and construction of a road system on company land to meet forest management and harvesting objectives. Also maintain existing 150-mile road system to standards.

·        Direct activities of contractors to include adherence to contract specifications, OSHA and environmental regulations and cost control.

·        Coordinates with other staff personnel in areas of interaction; especially other forest Products Division, corporate environmental activities, safety and accounting staff.

·        Limits of financial and legal authority:

·        Review and approve for payment purchasing requisitions and accounts payable vouchers for authorized capital expenditures and vendor accounts.

·        Any major contractual agreements, including those for services to the company, as well as major sales or purchase agreement, requires Division GM review and corporate approval.

·        Any environmental projects subject to government permits requires Division GM review and Paper Division Services Director review and coordination.

·        Maintain professional and technical status by: meeting annual educational requirements of South Carolina State Board of Registration for foresters and membership thereof, membership in Society of American Foresters, and other organizations as is appropriate.

·        Maintain good relations with adjoining landowners, conservation officers, hunting clubs, timber harvesting contractors and customers of our forest products ever cognizant that you represent Sonoco Products Company and influence our public image.

·        Perform public relations, educational and conservational duties as required.

·        Perform other similar and related duties as required.



3 years Hardwood preferred


Two year degree preferred with 3 years’ experience or 4 year degree in Forest Management or equivalent.


Competitive benefits and compensation