Seedling Thinner (Silviculture & Reforestation)


  Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation

  Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada

The tree seedling nursery for Northern Pulp is located in Debert, Nova Scotia. With 24 greenhouses and 2.4 hectares of outdoor growing space, we are the largest tree nursery in the province growing approximately 6 million seedlings annually. We are looking for seasonal workers to join our nursery team.

Seedling Thinner

Seedling Thinners are responsible for removing all excess seedlings from jiffy plugs and transplanting them where necessary.

Employees must be dependable as this is a time sensitive process. This work can be physically demanding and may require bending, lifting, twisting, and standing for long periods.

Employees must supply their own Grade 1 safety boots that extend above the ankle. Company provides any other required equipment.

Job Status:  Seasonal - 6-9 weeks
Job Location:  Debert, Nova Scotia