Certified Grader (Forestry, Logging & Mill Operations)

Full Time

  Seneca Sawmill Company

  Eugene, Oregon, United States

Seneca Sawmill Company has an opening for a Certified Grader at our Noti facility. The purpose of this position is to Grade Douglas-fir dimension lumber according to WWPA grading rules. Lumber lengths vary from 8-24’ and widths are primarily 2x4" and 2x6”. The Grader will work closely with 3 other Graders, the Planer Feeder, and Bins Operator.

Essential Functions:

  • Visually examine each piece of lumber and assign grade to lumber according to WWPA grading rules. "Grading" of lumber considers species, length and size, defects (i.e. knots, wane, edge warp, saw cut, snipe, timber break, grain distortion, shake, crook, bow, split, etc.), appearance, strength, stiffness, and intended use of each piece of lumber. Grade approximately 1,000 pieces per hour.
  • Mark lumber grade on each piece of lumber with crayon for scanning by grade mark reader.
  • Notify Supervisor, Quality Control, and Planer Feeder when unusual amount of manufacturing defects are found (e.g. too thin, skip, off-size, no spray solution on lumber, saws scratching lumber, etc.)
  • Fix cross-ups on the grading table.
  • Correct jam-ups in sorter bins.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Requirements:

  • Certification by WWPA, WCLIB or other similar grading organization in Douglas-Fir required.
  • Must be able to lockout machinery, learn grade marks, and recognize various sizes and lengths of lumber.
  • Ability to flip boards for duration of shift.


We offer competitive wages, a generous medical benefits coverage package, 401K with employer match, paid holidays, paid vacation, and a discounted fuel benefit.