Regeneration & District Forester (Forester)

Full Time

  Green Diamond Resource Company

  Klamath Falls, Oregon, United States

The Regeneration & District Forester plans for and supervises the accomplishment of all regeneration-related activities on Green Diamond’s Oregon Timberlands and manages appropriate silvicultural guidelines for management of the Oregon Timberlands.  Directs and coordinates all intensive forest management research for the Oregon Division.  Administers and coordinates the operation of Seed Orchard and tree seed business and ensure the ongoing development of the Tree Improvement Program.  Also, represents the Company’s interests in regional tree improvement and timberland management programs.  As a District Forester the position is specifically responsible for the planning, design, preparation, permitting, and scheduling of all of the District’s harvest plans and road projects.  Evaluate and manage harvest sequence change recommendations to balance short and long term impacts to financial goals, harvest levels, harvest capacity and customers.  Ensure all Harvest Plans are of the highest ethical and professional standard while complying with State regulations and Green Diamond Resource Company guidelines.  The incumbent is responsible for overseeing the daily activities of contractors.  The Forester will either directly perform or directly oversee the following functional responsibilities and ultimately be accountable for their success.  This is a full-time position which works out of the Oregon Operations Division located in Klamath Falls, Oregon and reports to the VP/GM Oregon Operations. 

ESSENTIAL JOB FUNCTIONS: (other duties may be assigned)
• Assures a safe workplace.  Takes personal initiative and an aggressive responsibility to insure ongoing safe behaviors through implementation and active participation in the company safety program with a goal of no recordable accidents.  Develops, implements, and facilitates safety elements to support the divisions Injury and Illness Prevention Plan and participates actively in the Company safety program.
• Manages all aspects of the Intensive Forest Management program on 635,000 acres of Company ownership in south central Oregon by such practices or programs as site preparation, slash burning, reforestation, plantation survival surveys/maintenance, vegetation/animal control, and pre-commercial thinning. The position is also responsible for maintaining seed and seedling inventories as well as overseeing practical research, the tree improvement program and the Seed Orchard operation.  Due to the seasonal nature and relatively lengthy time frame to complete many of these activities, it is imperative the incumbent exercise a high degree of coordination between many other departments within the division as well as public agencies and within the forestry department to assure a timely completion sequence.
• Manages the reforestation program: The incumbent assures that sufficient seed of the proper source and seedling inventories are available to meet reforestation plans three years in advance as developed from logged-off acres, survival and reproduction surveys, keep informed as to cost of growing seedlings and the availability of surplus seedlings to augment Company seedling inventories when necessary.
• Oversees slash burning and the spraying of chemicals for vegetation control.  Applies good judgment while directing the planning, scheduling, permitting, safety aspects, and operational activities of these two high risk forest management practices to prevent adverse public reaction and eventual loss of these management tools.  The Regeneration & District Forester must foster good public relations with adjacent landowners as well as the public in regard to these two forest management activities.
• Assures that a fire protection plan is developed and implemented on Company lands with an adequate budget providing for equipment and labor during the fire season.
• Is responsible for approving outside contacts in performing most young growth forest management activities.  Manages for the timely performance, quality of performance, and cost of outside contract work.  Must keep knowledgeable of current cost of supplies, equipment, and labor rates.  The position develops many outside contacts with suppliers and contractors to assure reliability, quality, and economy of services provided to the Company.
• Directs and coordinates forestry research on company lands in Oregon.  The position is responsible for analyzing both internal and external research results and making technical recommendations regarding plantation management for all forest management programs including herbicide usage, stocking control (reforestation, pre-commercial and commercial thinning) and other programs as needed.  The position is also responsible for monitoring, analyzing and recommending treatments to mitigate impacts of disease, insects and other detrimental forest conditions.
• In addition, the Regeneration & District Forester is responsible for the ongoing development and operation of GDRCo’s Tree Improvement Programs for Oregon.  This will be done through the following activities:

  • Work with the Oregon Nursery manager to coordinate the growing of Ponderosa pine seedlings.
  • Monitor operation of the tree seed orchard for Douglas-fir seed production.  This includes ensuring that routine maintenance and operation is being accomplished and scheduling seasonal activities such as stimulation, insect and cone crop surveys, cone picking and all other aspects of orchard management.
  • Maintain and manage seed inventories.  Purchase seed as necessary for multiple species in Oregon.  Develop markets and sell seed that is deemed excess to GDRCo’s requirements.

• Responsible for all forest investment activities (forestry programs) totaling $1 million annually as well as development of annual budget.
• Oversees general timberland management and protection including security, access, fire suppression and seasonal closures.
• Responsible for the Tree Improvement Program, the coordination of the DF Seed Orchard coop and forestry research.
• Decisions involved with this position are long-term in nature and are critical to the long-term productivity of the GDRCo timberlands.  The research, growth, and yield aspects of the job involve analysis of existing data and use of existing tools to project future products and yields that will be the basis for forecasting future harvest.
• Decisions for the management of the tree improvement program have significant impact on the long-term productive capacity for the timberlands.  Timing is critical for many of the decisions involved with the management of the orchard, as is the assessment of many environmental factors that can affect the performance of the orchard.  In addition, the program is at a critical stage where decisions involving the movement to a second-generation orchard will be forthcoming soon.

• Bachelors’ degree or the equivalent combination of education, training, or experience that provides the required knowledge, skills, and abilities.
• Must be a self-starter, able to work independently and alone in the field, establish own agenda and require little supervision. 
• Ability to interact positively and productively (through written and verbal communications) across functions within the organization and with key external contacts.
• Ability to anticipate, identify, quantify, and resolve problems in a timely and positive manner, viewing obstacles as opportunities to learn and grown.
• Ability to effectively plan, organize and oversee day-to-day responsibilities of the function(s) assigned.  Must also play an active role in helping to define long-term objectives.
• Ability to work on a variety of tasks simultaneously.
• Ability to take ownership of responsibilities, and effectively handle interpersonal relationships with others.
• Ability to consistently meet deadlines, complete projects as previously defined while delivering accurate and high quality work products.
• Ability to work with integrity, trust and commitment, setting an example for others.
• Ability to foster and support a diverse, ethical and respectful workplace.
• Ability to share knowledge and participate in coaching and mentoring others.
• Ability to be adaptable, tolerant of ambiguities, and open to change.
• Ability to work effectively with others.

• Knowledge and experience in forest genetics.
• Five to seven years in forestry management related activities.
• Analytical skills and statistical background.
• Experience working with tree improvement or forest genetics program.

• Field work in addition to a normal office environment with moderate noise levels, occasional lifting over 50 lbs., regular walking, sitting, bending, twisting, standing and reaching.
• This position requires travel throughout Oregon forming field work in varying weather conditions on steep and uneven terrain; operating a vehicle off highway on poorly maintained roads with ongoing harvest and road construction activities.  Must have hearing ability and the ability to see distance and detail with accuracy.
• Must have a good judgment of safety to eliminate risk when working in the field and operating a motor vehicle. 
• Ability to tour logging operations, attend training and company functions.
• Must maintain punctual and regular attendance and present appropriate professional appearance at all times.
• Requires the use of standard safety equipment in regulation with GDRCo.
• This position is a Physical and Mental Requirement Classification 1.